Poinsettia Fundraising

At Foxwood we have assisted groups for over 25 years on achieving their fundraising goals with poinsettia sales. Schools, churches, hockey teams, swim clubs and many other groups over the years have chosen to run these sales and have great results year after year. Orders are packed within a day of shipping so your supporters are receiving greenhouse fresh quality plants. 

Sizes we have available are 6.5", 8", 10" and 10" Trees. For colours, red is standard in all sizes and other colours that are available vary by size. 

Poinsettia Fundraisers are available from Nov 23- Dec 8. 

Delivery is available, delivery fees are applicable based on the total dollar value of the order. 

Here are the simple steps to set up a poinsettia sale for your group:

1. Contact us and let us know who you are 

2. We will send you a list of what sizes/colours we have available and pricing.

3. You chose a date and time to pick up your order, or if your order is large enough you can let us know a location where you would like it delivered.

4. You send us a single complete list with all your orders put together, we ask you send us this list before Nov 18th to ensure that we have stock of all the items that you have ordered. 

5. We will pack your order and have it ready for pick up or deliver it to the requested location on the day that you selected, and you can distribute the plants!